Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

Today we are:

  • Saddened: CCTV images have been released of an unidentified woman in London who was later found dead in a Hertfordshire lake.
  • Amused – by Harrow Council: they are seeking to reduce 'councillese' and replace it with plain speaking. Perplexed over the delay of a new system of regulation for roadworks. Impressed by one former city-worker’s efforts to help his peers: he has set up a charity, Stand to Reason, to help those with work related mental issues. Unmoved by Pizza Hut’s image change. Pasta Hut? Past-a joke. The food is just too stodgy and salty for this Londonista. Thrilled by the reopening of Shepherds Bush Station. Well, we were pleased at any rate.

    Piccie from Guy Eppel’s Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 06 October 2008