Chosil Kil: Cocoon no. 4

By Lindsey Last edited 124 months ago
Chosil Kil: Cocoon no. 4

We told you about the "Wouldn't It Be Nice..." exhibition at Embankment Galleries several weeks back but dropped in there again yesterday to check out what artist in residence, Chosil Kil, was up to.

The PR was abuzz with the fantastic image of the artist literally dismantling Somerset House’s ‘Skin & Bones’ exhibition, to construct her own work, Cocoon no. 4, from the bits. The less exciting reality is that Kil is using debris left over from 'Skin and Bones' to construct her new work. Once your expectation have adjusted to that, peeking through the gauzy curtains into her temporary studio, off the main gallery upstairs, is rather thrilling even though she'd barely begun when we were there and all we could see was the beginnings of an arched structure and a pile of screws. Go tomorrow or Saturday and catch her at work - she's finishing this weekend and the resultant womb like shelter will be in the studio for another week or so, before being transferred to the main exhibition. Find out about other intriguing sounding talks and special events around this exhibition here.

Last Updated 09 October 2008