Preview: Nail The Cross

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Preview: Nail The Cross

Let's be honest: You've been hearing for ages about how New Cross is the super hip new neighbourhood, that's all sorts of amazing arts related activities are going on down there, and you're absolutely going to chceck it out. But you haven't.

If ever there was an excuse to go exloring, than Saturday's Nail the Cross is it. Stretching across six venues and many many hours, Nail The Cross is featuring dozens of bands and DJs as well as artists, deisgners, and photographers. Domino Records are continuing their birthday celebrations by hosting a room at Goldsmiths, featuring sets by Archie Bronson Outfit, newcomers Ipso Facto, and the indominable Clinic. Elsewhere, you can catch These New Puritans, Polly Scattergood (whom we may have mentioned we like), Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and loads others. Full line-up and details below.

Music: Skull Juice DJ / Casper C DJ / Cocknbull Kid / Michachu / Stopmakingme DJ / These New Puritains / Matty White Heat DJ / I Blame Coco / S.C.U.M. / Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man / The XX / High Wire / The Count (Herve) / Domino DJs / Clinic / Archie Bronson Outfit / Ipso Facto / Ben UFO / Close Tomb Crew / Oneman / Benga / Loefah / Deadly Rhythm / Bass Clef / African Boy / Casiomovement / Kurtz / Stopmakingme DJ / Lost In Paris DJ / Tin Can Telephone / Young Turks DJ / Your Twenties / Gentle Friendly / PIX DJ / The Bon Bon Club / Angular DJs / Navvy / Wet Dog / Jay Jay Pistolet / Chess Club DJs / Polly Scattergood / Alan Pownall / Banjo Freak Out / A Grave With No Name

Art: Nav Adam Latham & Rich Cash / Adam Faramawy (!Wowow!) / Scottee / Get A Room / Richard Gasper / Gareth Cadwaller / Roman Caesar / Charlesworth / Lewandowski and Mann / Charlie Coffey / Charles Ellis / Gunther Herbst / Justin Hibbs / Henry Krokatsis / Edward Payne / Mattia Reilniger / Sian Robinson-Davies / Dan Shaw-Town / Boo Saville / David Smith / Matthew Taylor / Barry Thompson / Mark Titchner / Carlos Thomas / Dan Mumford / Ellen Rogers / Gavin Barry / Harley Weir / Jayne Helllwell / Neon Skullz / Sam Coldy / Stuart Pillinger

Nail The Cross: 27 September in New Cross. Tickets are £15. See for more info.

Image of S.C.U.M. courtesy of Margaret London.

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