Londonist Sets Spooky Sleepover Trend

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Londonist Sets Spooky Sleepover Trend


Remember when we spent the night in a haunted plague pit beneath London Bridge? We certainly do. Now anyone over 18 can give it a go, and raise money for charity at the same time.

St John Ambulance has teamed up with the capital's newest attraction [Erm, not exactly], The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, to offer an unforgettable and unique night for the bravest of souls. Be part of the first ever group of people to sleep over in the attraction [Ahem] and get your friends and family to sponsor you to scare yourself silly while raising funds [and spectres?] for the charity's life saving work.

To take part, you need to lay-out £35 and guarantee to raise £150 in sponsorship. If anyone goes along (and we can wholeheartedly recommend the experience) let us know and we'll tell you where the plague pit was found.

Last Updated 18 September 2008