London On The Cheap

By Kira Last edited 189 months ago

Last Updated 07 September 2008

London On The Cheap

Why is it that when all body parts hang heavy in the throes of a hangover, pockets have the uncanny ability to lighten by the moment? All sense of restraint fails and, several market-based indulgences later (Spitalfields Japanese pancake and Upmarket book stalls, we love you), suddenly your workweek's cash flow has come to a screeching halt. Or is that just us...? (In any case, do try the Japanese okonomiyaki pancake next Sunday at Spitalfields. Just look for the food stall with the longest line. It's worth every pence of the four quid.) Anyhow, worry not, my skint friends, as many free delights await us this week in the Big Smoke.

Monday: Start 'er off easy with a free film showing at the Roxy bar & screen. Czech New Wave was kicked off with tonight's offering, Milos Forman's Konkurs ('Audition/Talent Competition'). 8pm. Tuesday: The Portobello Road Film Festival continues this evening with Glastonbury shorts and a German Night roundup of offerings from the Munich Film Festival. All films are free, free, free. Wednesday: Here at Londonist, we're serious supporters of random (or planned) acts of kindness. Celebrate cycling and niceties today on Ding Day, created to bring harmony to London's cycling community. The idea is every biker you pass, thumb out a 'ding ding' in greeting. Free, easy, cycling cameraderie. Gives new meaning to the term ring-a-ding-ding. Thursday: Raucous international fun to be had at the Brixton-based Offline Club tonight — the club night that's always free. Tonight's mind-boggling lineup includes West Papuan singers, Cockney burlesque punk, Venezuelan wordsmithery in some live poetry, and Peruvian and Welsh DJs to spin your feet beats. Brits okay'd for entry, though. Friday: This weekend's Collision Festival in Peckham sheds new light on the concept of movement in a three-day cross-pollination of moving image, music, art, and performance. £5 Thursday and Friday, £6 Saturday. Saturday: For the more sartorial-minded Saturday set, head to Chelsea for the British Designers Sale, where McQueen, Girbaud and more are up to 80 per cent off at the Chelsea Town Hall. Queue early, this intense shopping experience starts at 10 am — even before your hangover has a chance to kick in, if you're lucky. Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4.30pm.

If you're more gastronomically-inclined, We suggest you pop over to Southwark Bridge, which is shut down today for a bevy of food stalls appropriately named Feast on the Bridge in honour of the greater Thames Festival. Feasting, dancing, and entertainment galore from noon to 10pm. We'll be there in the hopes of a pumpkin pie appearance.

Sunday: Experimental filmmaking meets graffiti-come-DJ scratch artistry in tonight's evening offering at the Tate Modern, a programme of films that explore the violent/experimental impulse behind scratching celluloid. Scratching the Surface, 5pm, £5 (£4 concessions). Or, you could stay in and bake us a pumpkin pie. We would greatly appreciate that.

A framed moment of quiet reflection courtesy of the flickrstream from Londonist's own Amanda Farah.