Embers still smoking after Camden fire

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Embers still smoking after Camden fire


February's dramatic fire in Canal Market, Camden, has affected trading this summer. According to the operators of the market, Camden Town Unlimited, tourists are staying away because they think the entire area was destroyed by flames last winter. Despite the fact that you can still barely see the pavement for goths and punks, the total number of visitors to the market has dropped off slightly this season. Need a dog collar, eyebrow piercing or vintage handbag? The market is up, running and raring to go.

Last Updated 08 September 2008


This is surprising - it was busy when I went last weekend, but definitely not as packed as it could be. If I was a tourist here, I think I'd want to go see a burned down 30 year old market...


Living nearby, I definitely haven't noticed a visible reduction in visitors. I would have forgotten that it ever happened if I didn't continue to have people in other parts of the city ask me whether Camden Town has been rebuilt yet. It wasn't really that bad, guys.


So Camden's finally just falling out of favour? It ain't what it used to be and that's little to do with the fire, corporate chain stores.


I think Lindsey is right. Even in the two years since I've moved out of Camden, things have changed significantly - we've lost the feel of the old Stables market with homespun atmosphere, rickety plumbing and (offending) electric heaters. It was less glass-fronted clonetown and there certainly wasn't a high-end restaurant with £11 cocktails and cheap labour-produced decadent stairwells ...