Drop the Knife. Please, drop the knife.

By SallyB2 Last edited 125 months ago
Drop the Knife. Please, drop the knife.

Londonist accidentally went to a funeral this morning. Thankfully it was a cortege entirely composed of actors and volunteers. It was part of the ‘Drop the Weapons Campaign’ and jeepers-was-it-effective. Londonist is a bit of a liability even slicing bread, and so we're already pretty scared of knives. We actually felt sickened by the power of the image we saw (watch the official video here), and if wannabe knife carriers aren’t startled and deterred by this, well then there’s no hope for them.

The procession is winding its way through three boroughs today – we caught up with it in Peckham. As news reaches us of another fatal stabbing overnight (a teenager in Croydon), we can only hope that kids pay attention to what is a very sound initiative.

Last Updated 13 September 2008