TFL Bosses Use Taxis Occasionally

By Lindsey Last edited 127 months ago
TFL Bosses Use Taxis Occasionally

Bearing in mind the revelation last year that a single GLA member racked up a staggering £10,000 taxi bill in a year we're rather puzzled why senior bosses at Transport For London are causing gripe when they've only managed to spend around £1,500 on cabs in the same time period.

TFL Chief, Peter Hendy, is fingered here for spending about £29 a week of taxpayers' money on Hackney Carriages but realistically that could well break down into a mere 2 or 3 taxi trips a week which could be entirely justified if the man's going to get his job done. Just because you work for TFL doesn't mean it's always convenient or possible to use public transport and we imagine that busy schedules for people with high profile jobs and a Londonwide remit mean meeting-hopping across town and cabs are sometimes the best way to get there.

Until hoverboards or teleportation devices become government issue, it's horses for courses choosing how to cross the city and we should quit moaning and put up with the fact that taxis are public transport too.

Image courtesy of Jason Webber via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 15 August 2008