Smithfield Saved!

By Lindsey Last edited 117 months ago
Smithfield Saved!

don%27tbutchersmithfield.jpg Brilliant news just in, the western end of Smithfield Market has been saved from demolition and redevelopment. Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, put paid to the planning application from Thornfield to redevelop the site into blah offices and shops today, following a public inquiry. Hooray! So, now that this fascinating and beautiful, if neglected and decaying, historic bit of meat market is safe for now, how about some imaginative plans for it, to revive Smithfield, like what we proposed back when?

Last Updated 07 August 2008


Great news. I was just over there early this morning, the first time I'd managed to pay a visit when trading was in full swing, and it was grand. I recommend everyone have a look sometime. There was a surprising amount of meat available to buy in reasonable portions for household consumption, and the history of the place is more deeply felt when carcasses are being bought and sold.


That's excellent news. But leaving it to rot further is also not an option. I'd love to see a museum devoted to Smithfield (see my earlier post linked to above). There's soooo much history in this quarter, yet its heritage has never been tapped into or celebrated with a permanent museum.