Shadwell: 75% Less Scary

By Lindsey Last edited 117 months ago
Shadwell: 75% Less Scary

shadwell.jpg It's amazing what a lick of paint and better lighting can do. Apparently, the redesigned entrance to Shadwell DLR station, countering its previous dark and dingy reputation, has made 75% of local residents feel safer using it and there has been "just one crime at the station since the revamp in May, but there were six crimes there between May and June last year, according to British Transport Police figures". The main thrust of the perky TFL press release is that there's literally nowhere for criminals to hide now, no lurking corners or shady spots. Sadly we know from last week's news, not all troublemakers feel the need to hide in the shadows so perhaps the still fearful 25% have got their heads screwed on. However, having found ourselves out there recently, we can endorse praise for the now open and accessible entrance and it's good news for the DLR that Gallions Reach and King George V stations are also due a similar refit by the end of the year.

Last Updated 11 August 2008


Would that be King George V station that opened less than three years ago? Stunning that it needs a refit already. Couldn't they work out at the time that creating 'dark and dingy' corners might not be a smart idea?


Yes, but remember that this is the same network that encompasses Mudchute station, which is currently being more-or-less completely rebuilt for the second time in just 8 years. Despite all their strategic 'improvement' works, I'm not convinced that Serco Docklands Ltd really think that far ahead...