Kids Unaware Of Olympic Games Coming To London

By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago
Kids Unaware Of Olympic Games Coming To London

A tedious survey from a government department we'd barely heard of has concluded that kids in the UK know little to nothing about the 2012 Olympic Games coming their way.

The Olympic bad news yawnarama continues.

Considering it's 4 years off, the whole Beijing thing's yet to explode and that the research was mostly conducted almost a year ago we're really not that surprised and care even less. 4 years is an inconceivably long time in a schoolchild's mind when 6 weeks summer holiday is a just about manageable time span to deal with. Doubtless by the close of this year's Olympics what with Beckham and Boris on a bus in Beijing and the free mega pop party in the Mall on 24 August with at least McFly representing for the younger generation (Il Divo?? Katherine Jenkins?? Wtf?) and being broadcast live on Radio 1, most kids will have got with the programme.

Come September, when the official education programme launches in a timely manner, the kids will be annoyingly on message, jumping around in neon 2012 t-shirts and taking up fencing and other esoteric disciplines to vex their parents. On your marks, get set....

Last Updated 01 August 2008