Bozza And Becks On A Bus In Beijing

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Bozza And Becks On A Bus In Beijing

Ken Livingston's vision of driving a Routemaster to Beijing as a 2012 promotional exercise may have been ditched as a total waste of time and money because of the Sichuan earthquake but the bus itself is still in line to be the star of the handover ceremony at the end of this summer's Games. In fact, it's already on it's way in a container ship. As for the spangly ceremonials, as per the rumours, David Beckham's confirmed to be on board and representing as the "modern face of London and the UK" (even though he's living in the US, yeah?) and he'll be joined by a bouncing Boris, who'll receive the Olympic flag from the IOC.

Leona Lewis is lined up to do the soundtrack (assuming she's still popular in 4 years time) but her name doesn't begin with B so she's ruining our alliteration even though she's internally alliterate herself.

While Bozza and Becks boombazzle Beijing with their 8 minute, £2 million worth dancing extravaganza symbolising "journey and tranformation" Seb Coe will be throwing us a huge free party for us back home in the Mall with a live link up to the Beijing bonanza so we don't miss a second.

Trying to gauge Boris Johnson's feelings about his part in these showbiz shenanigans is tricky but after his description of the party plans as "remorselessly and cheerfully symbolic of our country" we're wondering if he's not a tad uncomfortable about the whole thing. Either way, it's all going down on 24 August.

Image courtesy of roll the dice's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 16 June 2008