Ken Crackers Over Caracas

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 125 months ago
Ken Crackers Over Caracas

How envious our former Mayor must be when it comes to Venezuelan politics and the power that his erstwhile chum and budding autocrat Hugo Chavez wields. Pesky media criticising your government and daring to oppose you? Close them down. Irritating elections every four years? Heck, just eliminate your term limit. ¿Es facil, no?

Ken's love affair with the Bolivarian Revolution reached its zenith when he struck a deal that saw impoverished developing world Venezuela ship crude oil to London, one of the world's richest cities, in return for spurious "city planning" advice - a noxious affair that was swiftly abandoned when Boris arrived in City Hall. Now those lucky Venezuelans may well be the recipient of Ken's largess after all: he's signed up to act as a consultant on Caracas' municipal issues.

Urban planning, transportation and policing will be matters in Mr. Livingstone's in-tray, as he advises pro-government mayors (but only pro-government ones, mind) on how to run the city. He'll have his work cut out: Caracas' murder rate make the mean streets of London seem like a Disney set, while gridlock and pollution are endemic. Meanwhile, dear Huguito might not be around much to talk shop and Socialism: he's got regional and local elections to fight in November.

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Last Updated 28 August 2008