Londonist Photo Posts Galore - Olympic Handover

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Londonist Photo Posts Galore - Olympic Handover

Like a London bus, you wait for a great Londonist photo gallery and then three come at once.

Well, in Beijing, there definitely was a bus. There was also a Beckham. There was a Boris. There was an apparently ununfurlable and tricky-to-wave flag. There was a football. There were two little girls. There was a funky film. There was some dancing. There was a Leona Lewis and some guy from Led Zeppelin. And suddenly, there it was. After just eight minutes, Beijing was over and everyone suddenly turned to London.

Time for a bit of a nervous gulp, then. Here in the capital we responded by getting 40,000 people crammed in around the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buck House and down the Mall to wave flags and watch the live-feed from Beijing, before taking over the BBC for the day with our own musical acts, and interviews with athletes like Bradley Wiggins and Michael Phelps who was on his first trip to London. (Phelps seemed to have an entourage of 16 people - how much luggage can one man have to carry? It's not as if those tiny little speedos take up much space). Not to be left out, the Red Arrows interrupted Phelps to put in a showing too. (His reaction: "Pretty Cool" and "Awesome"). Miss it? Catch it on BBC iPlayer wotsit here which means you can fast forward through anyone playing that you don't like. Sophie Ellis Bex was fab, it has to be said.

Of course Beijing isn't actually over - there's the small matter of the Paralympic Games yet to come, with Britain sending over a team of 206 athletes. Wonder if they'll do as well?

Last Updated 25 August 2008