Heeling Powers

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Heeling Powers

Londonist ain’t too good on heels. Think Daffy Duck on a mixture of roller skates and hooch and you’ll get the picture. A wobbly squawky mess. But that doesn’t stop us from admiring the things. Most women look and walk and indeed are absolutely fabulous in wedges, spikes, kitten heels or what you will. Ask even the most rampant feminist and she will be lying if she doesn’t admit to the assumption of a degree of goddess like power as she slides her tootsies into an elegant, pointy, elevated shoe.

But thinking they’re rather cool and enforcing them as a component of uniform are completely different. It is a well known fact that certain London stores, a few sexist-in-the-city employers and nearly all airlines *prefer* their female employees in heels (a fact which caused this Londonista to walk away from an undoubtedly disastrous career in the air a number of years ago). Well now the TUC have, er, stepped into the debate and they are calling for firms to put the foot before fashion. We’re only surprised that it took them this long.

It is patently (leatherly) ridiculous to require anyone to work in shoes that need a ladder for access, and even a couple of inches can do damage over a long period (as the actress said to the bishop). Women should indeed comply with sartorial codes in the workplace – smart, casual, suited or booted – but their footwear should be up to them. It is admittedly hard to look sassy in sandals, but a real woman can rise to any occasion without the help of her cobbler.

Well heeled career babe from Octavine Illustration's flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

Last Updated 16 August 2008