Five Pounds A Pint By 2012

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Five Pounds A Pint By 2012

The CAMRA Great British Beer Festival opened yesterday and they're keeping their name in the news today by stating the obvious: beer will be more expensive by the time the London Olympics rolls around. Shocker number 2, we'll all be 4 years older.

Snides aside, dedicated beer drinkers protested outside Earls Court yesterday in fairly gruesome Alastair Darling masks about punitive beer taxes killing community pubs as government cack handedly attempts to quash 'binge drinking'. Approximately 80p per pint currently sinks into tax coffers.

With or without the Exchequer's efforts to hoik prices beyond binge reach, it's really no surprise to us London drinkers that a pint might reach a fiver by 2012 - if not before - especially as CAMRA themselves found a London boozer charging £3.70 for a pint of bitter. Nightclubwise, we've happily shelled out nearly 4 quid for a bottle of lager at Indigo and goodness knows how much a can costs at Koko, we're always too binged up to notice (and totally brassic by the time we stumble home).

Still, as ale and bitter continue to be cheaper than lager in most locals, perhaps it's time for us lager louts to tutor our tastebuds.

The Beer Festival runs till Saturday, 7pm at Earls Court and tickets are still available.

Image courtesy of Chutney Bannister via the Londonist Flickrpool.

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