Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Fie upon the slanderers! Someone’s gone and scribbled SLUT across our Sienna’s wall.
  • A man, named as Ezekiel Adeboyego Ojo, was found shot in Walworth this morning. He later died from his injuries.
  • British Transport Police are spoilsports: it’s official. They broke up and cautioned a couple who were being, um, intimate, at a tram stop in Croydon. Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of getting off at the next stop.
  • Boris has suggested that the 2012 mascot should be a newt. Londonist is not ashamed to admit that we find this quite funny.
  • Claudia Jones, the founder of the Notting Hill Carnival, has been honoured with a plaque in her name in Portobello Road. Quite right too.
  • Out on the razz this weekend? Watch out for dodgy voddy.
  • Walter, from eat your greens' Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 22 August 2008