Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Gary Glitter, aka Paul Gadd, may finally have finished gadding about: Thailand and Hong Kong don’t want him in their gang, and so he should be on his way to the UK.
  • Forest Hill residents fight to save the well-loved frontage of their Victorian swimming pool.
  • Sadness mixed with pride today as the families of murdered teenagers Jimmy Mizen and Ben Kinsella collected their GCSE results.
  • And there was tragedy for another family as their 16 year old son fell to his death in suspicious circumstances from a block of flats in Hackney.
  • British Transport Police are seeking a serial flasher who operates on the Gravesend to Lewisham line.
  • Summer 2008, huh? Wedding shot from pit van meeffe’s Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 21 August 2008


    It's Hong Kong not Honk Kong, you amateur.


    Thanks for pointing out the typo, pump.
    Now corrected.
    Extra Extra, like the late editions of a lot of papers, is assembled as a late round-up of the day's news - and is equally vulnerable to the odd (hopefully none-too-serious) typing error as we rush to get all the good stories to your desk-top.
    And yes, we are amateurs. We do this for fun. Because we care, and because we love London. Squeezed around our day jobs and our home lives.


    Given his objections to amateur websites, it sounds to me as if 'pump' would be happier spending his time on a website that's run by people who are paid to do so.

    Might I suggest that this is more up his street? I'm sure he could whine about typos to his heart's content over there.


    Blooddey ammaturs.