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Extra, Extra
  • We all know that the Loony Line needs an upgrade, so what’s stopping them?
  • Where not to eat in Leytonstone.A guard was shot and injured by an Enfield pensioner who wanted to try something new yesterday.
  • A man was killed when a tree fell on his van at Clapham Common yesterday.
  • One man was shot in both arms and another in the buttocks in an attack in Camberwell.
  • The smuggler of £1 million worth of fake trainers has been given a very real 3 year sentence.

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    Mr Thant

    what’s stopping them?

    Some crappy innuendo from Transport Briefing trying to make a story out of nothing? The phrase used in the report is "Should this project be approved...", not "we're worried this project won't be approved" or anything like that.

    As far as I'm aware, the North London Line upgrade has been approved on every level it could be so far and faces no future hurdles, and the wording is simply the Olympic Development Authority avoiding making promises about a project that's the primary responsibility of a third party (TfL).