Boris Is Good For Our Bladders

By Lindsey Last edited 126 months ago
Boris Is Good For Our Bladders

Back in June we said Boris needed to get serious about public peeing. Seems he's a Londonist reader as today he called for more firms to get on board with the Community Toilet Scheme. This prosaic and uninspiringly named scheme pays local businesses to open up their private facilities for public convenience. Piloted in Richmond and launched this year in Wandsworth, Boris wants it rolled out London-wide and not only for Freedom Pass wielding third agers.

While SatLav will be even more helpful with an influx of new loos available to text you and problem pee-ers will have less of an excuse to widdle through your letterbox the last CTS WC we visited did stink to high heaven despite being in the basement of a rather respectable, Richmond Borough pub. We hope this isn't representative as nothing will scupper Boris' vision of comfort and relief for all, wherever you may be in town, than patrons of businesses getting pissed off about the state of the smallest room.

Image courtesy of nedrichards under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Last Updated 12 August 2008