Freedom Piss

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Freedom Piss

Speaking to the summit of London Councils yesterday, our Boris did his bit for older people, perpetuating the idea that everyone over 60 needs to go to the toilet a lot or has problems with their 'waterworks' by suggesting that Freedom Passes should grant access to toilets in London's shops, bars and restaurants even if the holder is not patronising the establishment.

Perhaps drawing inspiration from Wandsworth's experiment, he's suggesting that only older people can be trusted with not sprinkling all over the seat when taking advantage of a swish, private loo.

Well frankly, Boris, should the Freedom Pass be extended to give one legitimate access to a privately owned WC then the rest of us would bloody well want our monthly travelcards to give us equal access, paying, as we do, around £100 or more every month with the added insult of having to fork out 30p at mainline train stations.

Although the prospect of some bright spark making weeing Oyster reader friendly and literally 'pay as you go' as a result, would take the piss to the max.

Image courtesy of roll the dice via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 15 July 2008