Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

This is what we have learned this weekend whilst you have been gadding about London’s plethora of festivals this weekend:

  • Campaigners against the expansion of Heathrow are touting the idea of a high speed rail link to Europe.
  • These cold cases keep popping into the news: today we learn of a man freshly convicted for the murder of two men in Southall six years ago. There has been a fatal stabbing in Tufnell Park, and a man is in critical condition after a stabbing in Feltham. A survivor of the 7/7 attacks who lost both legs has set off on a 200 mile hike.
  • Could surgeons soon be paid on commission? Now there’s a chilling thought.
  • Never mind the fashion police: the real police have been keeping tabs on Bluewater shoppers this weekend.
  • Our news oracle for the forthcoming week is sulking having gotten it all wrong about St. Swithuns. But it’ll be back again next week, we dare say.

    Londonist must get some of these… Piccie from victoriapeckham’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 20 July 2008