Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

Here’s what we’ve learned this weekend whilst you’ve been practising your backhand:

In the weekend’s stabbing round-up:

  • Five youths, including one girl, have now been arrested in connection with the murder of Shakilus Townsend on Friday.
  • A man was stabbed on Putney Heath last night.
  • Two security guards employed by Nike town were stabbed yesterday afternoon as they tried to apprehend shoplifters.
  • Police continue to hold a man in connection with the New Cross murders.
  • And in other news:

  • There’s a right old rumpus about the resignation of deputy mayor Ray Lewis.
  • The police are to offer anti-kerb-crawling courses to offenders. The mind boggles.
  • There were flushed cheeks in every sense of the word when a man had to be cut out of a titanium chastity belt by firemen.
  • Tesco are trying to buy Highams Park.
  • And here’s what we think we will have learned by this time next week:

  • That this year’s summer really does look set to be wetter than last;
  • London may have grown stronger following 7/7, but clearly for some the pain will never go away.

    There's more to Wimbledon than tennis. Piccie from Phillie Casablanca's flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 06 July 2008