Preview: Oren Ambarchi at The Luminaire

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Last Updated 14 July 2008

Preview: Oren Ambarchi at The Luminaire

Oren Ambarchi

Having recently appeared live with Gravetemple and still on loan to us from Australia, experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi will play a solo set on Monday 14 July at The Luminaire. Whilst Gravetemple specialises in doom metal, Oren's solo material explores the more subtle tones of the guitar. Although he knows his way around his pedals, Ambarchi doesn't let his effects rack drive his sound. His understated approach to an instrument so frequently taken to extremes provides a refreshing opportunity to rediscover its sound.

As Ambarchi has numerous releases on Touch, fans of the Atmospheres festivals, as well as other outer-limits guitarists like Christian Fennesz and Rafael Toral, should consider their attendance at this night mandatory. We wish we could hear Ambarchi's set inside a venue as solemn as the Museum of Garden History, but as far as pub venues go, you could do far worse than The Luminaire. Always friendly to the quieter sounds, the Kilburn establishment possesses an impressive ability to hush a crowd. It might have something to do with all the signs posted instructing you to keep your mouth shut and listen to the music, but however they pull it off, we don't care. We're just happy we have a place to hear ambient sounds without overhearing ambient chatter.

Miles of Smiles presents Oren Ambarchi, Helm and Nos Philipé at The Luminaire, Monday 14 July 2008. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Cost: £8.

Image taken from daveknapik's Flickr photostream.