Jason Donovan: Unlikely Political Pundit

Dean Nicholas
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Jason Donovan: Unlikely Political Pundit
Jason Donovan

Boris Johnson enjoyed the backing of some heavyweight characters during his electoral campaign: the likes of Andrew Gilligan and James Whale were only to happy to heft their corpulent frames onto the Back Boris bandwagon, with Whale losing his radio show as punishment.

A less sturdy source of support - an M&S trainer to the Wonderbras of Gilligan and Whale - came from Eighties pop crooner and ex-Kylie beau Jason Donovan. On April 27th, during his radio show, which broadcasts across 37 local stations, the formerly Technicolour Dreamcoated Australian addressed his tens, nay, dozens of listeners about dear Boz, speaking of the then-Henley MP in glowing terms.

While not directly advocating a vote for the Tory, our Jase offered the following message: "It's definitely time for a change. Boris Johnson. I have to say it. That's my political message", he cryptically intoned. Ofcom described the incident as a "serious breach" of its rules about non-bias during an election, and while GCap got a stiff rap on the knuckles for The Don's indiscretion, no further action is likely.

Whether the good souls of London were prepared to take voting advice from a former I'm A Celebrity jungle-dweller is a moot point, as Donovan's Erinsborough accent floats across the airwaves in Birmingham, South Wales and the West Country, but not within an antennae signal of the M25. Would the Aussie's tedious musings have steered voters away from the blond? Alas, we may never know.

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Last Updated 08 July 2008