Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Stable branding has been reintroduced in Bromley – but of leather tack, not of horses, Londonist was relieved to learn.
  • Traffic at London’s toy airport is set to rise. The National Army Museum is publishing a selection of comments made by the general public concerning the war in Afghanistan.
  • Boris wants all working Londoners to be paid a minimum of £7.45 an hour.
  • London is no good for our Amy. But we can’t quite see her in wellies either.
  • Teenagers are afraid – a poll shows 55% of them are worried about knife crime over the summer months. Fear is good – it saves lives. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • More Bromley branding from Jon’s pics' flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 28 July 2008