Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Corporate dosh to spare? The Royal Albert Hall needs you.
  • Hash use is apparently an issue in Haringey. So the council have gone and plastered a mega-joint on the buses to make sure kids know how to roll ‘em right.
  • There are some really sick people out there, we tell you: a dog has died after being thrown out of a 10th floor window during a row.
  • Another teenager has died, this time following a stabbing in Lambeth yesterday evening. Sick. London is sick.
  • And a woman has been found bludgeoned to death in her East Ham home. Sick fucks, like we said.
  • The proposed Tate Modern extension has been changed from a glass ziggurat into a bricked pyramid. Shame: if Londonist ever gets a conservatory, it is so going to be ziggurat shaped.
  • Wee small hours from Terence J. Sullivan’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 18 July 2008