Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Unmasked: not all dentists are mere sadists – some are highly talented sadists.
  • Twickenham and Chiswick bridges are 75 today. Old enough to join a bridge club?
  • BP have become an Olympic sponsor. No bloody wonder with the amount they’re charging for fuel. It’s guilt money.
  • Another teenage stabbing: this one in Croydon. A youth has been taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.
  • Wanstead doesn’t normally conjure images of the risqué, but its Labour MP Harry Cohen could soon change that with his erotic sonnets. Ooh-er missus!
  • What’s going on here? Bizarre or what? Piccie from Richard Parmiter’s Londonist flickr pool under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 03 July 2008

    James Morris

    What's going on here is a demolition. It's happening from the bottom upwards because that particular building was constructed in a, shall we say, unique way. The floors are actually supported by a beam hanging from the roof, rather than columns from the ground, hence the remaining concrete core.


    Yup, it's the site of the 'Cheesegrater' building, near the Gherkin in the City. http://londonist.com/2007/02/t...


    They're taking their sweet-ass time about this. I worked next door to this building in late 2005, and the thing was already decommissioned and they were putting up signs about what was to take place. Two and a half years later, they're barely halfway through.


    Well, it's a cool photo, and as demolition goes it's rather exciting. Even if it is taking a long time.