Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Unmasked: not all dentists are mere sadists – some are highly talented sadists.
  • Twickenham and Chiswick bridges are 75 today. Old enough to join a bridge club?
  • BP have become an Olympic sponsor. No bloody wonder with the amount they’re charging for fuel. It’s guilt money.
  • Another teenage stabbing: this one in Croydon. A youth has been taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.
  • Wanstead doesn’t normally conjure images of the risqué, but its Labour MP Harry Cohen could soon change that with his erotic sonnets. Ooh-er missus!
  • What’s going on here? Bizarre or what? Piccie from Richard Parmiter’s Londonist flickr pool under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 03 July 2008