Clamping Down on Common Sense

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Clamping Down on Common Sense

As batty London parking stories go, this one is hard to beat: we bring you the hospital that is clamping its own ambulances.

OK, let’s re-run that a bit more slowly so that your soggy, end-of-week, wahay-it’s-the-weekend brains can take it in. Kings College Hospital has apparently gone short on ambulance transportation recently as some of their vehicles have been clamped. By a company that they themselves employ.

CFY (Caring for You: awww!) provides non-emergency transport for the Kings College Trust, and its drivers have been told that they can wait in the pick up/drop off zone at the hospital for no more than an hour. The wicked over-stayers are getting clamped and charged a £50.00 release fee in order to teach them a lesson. Never mind that Grandma Giles or wee Johnny Smith won’t now be able to get home. Rules is rules. Never mind that a clamped vehicle right outside the main entrance isn’t really going to speed up the flow of things. Just never mind, eh?

Now whilst few of us perhaps get as irate about clamping as this man, this is a hot issue: parking and petty bureaucracy. Guaranteed to make our engine boil over. So we’ve come to the conclusion that it is all a big joke and we can’t think that Kings College can keep it up for much longer. It’s indicative of woeful kerbside manners quite apart from anything else. But thanks for the laugh, boys.

Writ in blood piccie from hotzeplotz's flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

Last Updated 11 July 2008