Battersea Power Station Open for Viewing

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Battersea Power Station Open for Viewing

Battersea Power Station

When we heard about the Battersea Power Station was to be open to the public (thanks Annie Mole!) over the past weekend, we rushed down with camera ready. And, yes indeed, the iconic landmark was there to be roamed around in all its massive glory.

The folks putting on the show made us check out a presentation on the station’s future and sign a waiver before letting us but they were nice enough to give free bottles of water in case the half mile walk round the station’s perimeter got to us. These folks, Treasury Holdings, reckon that sustainability is way of the future (they’re building a 300 metre high chimney and ‘eco-dome’ at the station’s site to “dramatically reduce carbon emissions.” They also reckon that all the develop set to happen at and around the station (a new tube station, shops galore and plenty of new “apartments with panoramic views over London”) will provide oodles of real estate opportunities.

We’re not quite sure when all these developments will occur but we do know that the site will be open to the public (for free!) on Saturdays the 12th and 19th from 10am to 6pm. Check out for details.

Photography by Chris Osburn.

Last Updated 07 July 2008