London Calling... Crimestoppers

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London Calling... Crimestoppers

At a time when the mainstream media is awash with knife crime statistics and government-sponsored images of dismembered hands, it is refreshing to find that members of the public have taken it upon themselves to offer assistance in the ongoing War on Knives (yes, this term exists).

It seems that youngsters in South London have responded well to a newly piloted anti gun and knife crime scheme, which has seen Crimestoppers receive a 440% increase in calls during the scheme’s inception six months ago. In that time, 16 teenagers have died as a result of stab wounds in and around London, and it is difficult to see how the Government’s recent “tough love” campaign will help lower this figure.

However, the anti gun and knife crime scheme has provided authorities with fresh and credible leads in the fight against knives (and guns, in case you’ve forgotten about them). But while arrests are all well and good, many Londoners want to see the government initiate preventative measures, such as involving young children in knife awareness programs.

Whatever happens, let’s all remember that statistically you’re more likely to die under a train in this city than you are from being knifed. So don’t have nightmares and do... you know the rest.

By Laurence Brown

Last Updated 11 June 2008