World’s Most Expensive Spring Roll to Debut in London

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World’s Most Expensive Spring Roll to Debut in London

Electric Spring Rolls

Brilliant. With the price of rice and other commodities at all time highs and London ranking as the world’s most expensive city for dining out, oriental cuisine producers Amoy have decided to introduce the world’s most expensive spring roll at its Amoy Experience Stage during this weekend’s Taste of London Food Festival.

Sampling the roll will set you back fifty quid per bite and provide an opportunity to taste Asian delicacies such as Wagyu beef, abalone and sand fire seaweed. The £300 spring roll is the handiwork of Felix Yu, head chef of Dragon Castle on Walworth Road (where we hope prices are a bit more affordable).

Taste of London starts today and runs through Sunday.

Photograph courtesy of Red Label via the Londonist pool on Flickr.

Last Updated 20 June 2008


For goodness sake. That's ridiculous. Instead of people trying to create the most expensive item of food (don't even get me started on £90 burgers), why not try and focus on the taste of it? Surely that's the most important thing?


The prices in Dragon Castle are actually very keen (unless you go for one of the shark fin based dishes).

It's a superb restaurant (especially considering the, er, surroundings). I'll wait till the end of the festival though when they knock the prices of the unsold rolls down to a fiver.


This'll go down nicely with a cup of that 50 quid a pop cat shit coffee you can get at Peter Jones.


Felix Yu left Dragon Castle a fortnight ago to open his own restaurant in Northampton. London's loss in my humble opinion. Details of the opening will be announced on his website.


WoW. They must be proud of themselves. What an obscenity.


BTW, the stunt was dreamed up by Frank PR, the public relations firm contracted by Amoy.


Why don't they just throw some gold leave in it, wrap it in silk, have it served on a diamond encrusted tray and charge an even grand?