Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

Here’s what we’ve learned this weekend whilst you’ve been slapping on that Factor 15:

  • Now that that annual backstabbing fest otherwise known as Big Brother is underway, the knives are out for Croydoner Alexandra, who is apparently dating a man accused of murder.
  • Yesterday’s anti-knife and gun rally was understandably well-attended
  • …even if a debate on the issue in the Commons shamefully wasn’t.
  • A huge fire in South London left thousands without power overnight on Saturday (although Londonist gathers most has now been restored)...
  • …whilst another fire, at flats in Mile End, proved fatal.
  • South London’s night stalker seems to be back in action. Lock up your grannies.
  • Creepy crawlies have had a good week in the press: first there was the Kentucky Fried Caterpillar, and this weekend brings us Tesco’s maggoty duck eggs.
  • Time to book tickets for you and your cherie amour – Stevie Wonder’s coming to the O2 in September.
  • Police have struck gold during their ‘appropriation’ of safety deposit boxes. Um, well, what are people supposed to keep in them: fly papers?
  • And here’s what we think we might have learned by next week:

  • That there is a lot more to come on the topic of mayoral spending irregularities
  • That this BB is the boringest yet…
  • On a more cheerful front tho, we don’t think that the world will end this week…
  • Blitz firemen from the National Archives via Pingnews’ flickr photostream and under the Creative Commons Licence. For London’s firemen, ‘cos they’ve had a busy weekend.

    Last Updated 08 June 2008