Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

This is what we’ve learned whilst you’ve been out boozing all weekend:

  • A replica of Crystal Palace is to be built. at, uh, Crystal Palace.
  • The march of the EMOs – teeny protestors march on the Daily Mail.
  • It’s Recycle Now Week, so go check out the 6m Coke can replica of Big Ben on the South Bank.
  • A new mosque has opened in Acton.
  • London’s diabetes sufferers are at a greater risk of blindness than those elsewhere due to inadequate screening.
  • Police investigating the fatal stabbing of two children and critical wounding of another have released their father but are still holding their mother.
  • And here’s what we think we might have learned by next week:

  • Just how selfless you all are. No good causes? Well, you can always volunteer to write for Londonist…
  • That we’d do anything to restore normal Saturday night telly: enough reality already. The backlash is nigh…

    Lazy Sunday afternoon walk from kleer001’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Agreement.

    Last Updated 01 June 2008