Tamils Of London In The News

By Lindsey Last edited 127 months ago
Tamils Of London In The News

Tamil people in London have hit the news twice this week for very different reasons. Firstly, seems Croydon is in the grip of gang fear following a spate of violent clashes in recent years. Local police claim these Tamil gangs are "tooled up" and looking for trouble. On Monday 4 young Tamil men were found guilty at the Old Bailey for committing the so-called "Chicken Cottage murder" last year. The men denied all charges.

At the other end of the Strand on Monday, Tamil people were taking part in a peaceful protest outside Marlborough House, home of the Commonwealth Secretariat, where Sri Lanka's President had just arrived for the meeting of Commonwealth Heads. The protest was "to unite and show support to the human rights defenders and to register concern and protest against State Oppression and unjust war in Sri Lanka," (as per a leaflet issued by the Tamil Information Center in UK).

This video from Friction TV has the protestors explain more, most eloquently:

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Last Updated 12 June 2008