Not Cut Out For Cheffing

By Lindsey Last edited 129 months ago
Not Cut Out For Cheffing

Police stormed Le Cordon Bleu cookery school in Marylebone yesterday evening following a stand off with a knife wielding student threatening to kill himself unless he was allowed to retake the intermediate course exam he had failed. The distressed chef, who'd apparently spent all of his savings on the internationally renowned course, ultimately had to be tasered by riot police after 4 hours of attempted negotiations.

Others picked up on this tragic, pathetic and bizarre story unable to resist puns on "frying the chef", a witness "sauce" and kitchen nightmares. We choose only to comment thricely:

  • As a reader of points out, he must be a terrible chef to have failed that exam and "totally burnt... or dropped" his dish
  • That's a fellow clearly not cut out for cheffing temperamentally if he can't handle the sedate knock back of cooking school - Ramsay would have his knackers raw for breakfast on toast
  • We'd like to say that the school should give him a second chance but for the two reasons above, we think that's rightly unlikely.
  • The 28 year old chef was taken to hospital but was reportedly unharmed by the taser stun. That's one helluva bad day by anyone's standards.

    Image of the scene of the drama (possibly) courtesy of d0ug&r0byn's Flickrstream under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

    Last Updated 06 June 2008