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London has today been saved from a grave threat to our national health and security. Perfectly coiffed, saccharine sweet, endlessly talented Martha Stewart has been denied a visa to visit the UK.

There are apparently quite a few out there who still venerate this triumph of PR over commonsense. Empress of daytime TV with a terrifyingly large business network, she is as firmly ensconced in American popular culture as Delia is over here. But insipidity and a degree of culinary ability is about all they have in common: Martha’s an ex-con, you see. A fallen angel. Convicted for telling porkies to some federal bureau of something or other. Which is obviously why she’s been denied access to this, er, rose-scented land of ours.

Now respect is due: the girl done good, well, then bad, then good again: she’s a self-baked apple pie, who came from humble roots and rose above mundane stuff like divorce and jail.

But we really don’t need her over here. It’s got nothing to do with her record. The authorities are doing us all a favour but for the wrong reasons. There’s nothing designed to make the British back bristle so much as a practically perfect moral meddler. Londonist can really live without knowing how to do this, and we suspect that you can too. The reason Delia is tolerated (OK, adored) is because she sticks at doing what she knows best. Give this Londonista curvaceous, non-crusading, bowl-licking Nigella any day.

To be fair, la Stewart was after coming here on a wheeling and dealing mission. And it is also possible that there is a bit of tit for tat going on: after all, they refused both our Amy and our Yusuf visas. But any which way you look at it, his city ain’t big enough for more than one Domestic Goddess.

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Sorry, but as much as I love cookery programmes and the pseudo-celeb chefs that pioneer them, I cannot find any love for Nigella on that front.

Sure, she's relatively easy-on-the-eye. But I find her programmes infuriatingly self-indulgent and bereft of any culinary merit.

I don't tune into a cookery programme to see lots of poorly implemented close-ups of some irrelevant aspect of food preparation glistening under unrealistic stage lighting, shot through a stocking-covered lens and accompanied by faux-sensuous breathy voiceovers.

And she needs to get dressed also. I'm tired of the premise that she's such an amazing "domestic goddess" that all she needs to do is pout and simper her way around the kitchen in a dressing-gown in order to gain some sort of kitchen kudos. I'm sure the camera crew have seen it all before, and it's pretty damned irrelevant to the rest of us who just want to learn a cool new recipe.

Phew, I'm glad I've got that off my chest. Give me Rick Stein any day.


Hmm. Fair comment. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea.
But Rick Stein isn't great goddess material.
Anyway, the point is that we have a huge stock-pot bubbling away with indigenous, well-seasoned culinary talent in Britain. If you don't like the lovely Nigella (sorry - can't write her name without pertaining epithet), there are dozens more from whom to choose.


I have no idea if Nigella is a good cook. I have to turn over after five minutes as I can't bear her. She makes me cringe.

She has a 'soft porn nature' about her. I don't think i've ever said that about anyone before...


I thought Martha was denied a visa because she's no longer safely in the billionaire column. Trash.