Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • The Met pays out: £70,000 compensation for a Sikh officer who experienced racial discrimination.
  • Police break into hundreds of safety deposit boxes. Whilst looking for bad stuff, of course.
  • London’s travel watchdog chief has been sacked for pro-Boris behaviour.
  • Enfielders are less than happy about the establishment of five halfway houses for former cons.
  • The London Development Agency is about to get its wrists slapped: it hasn’t paid out compensation due to East London businesses which were compulsorily purchased. That’s mean.
  • UCL is now to offer lectures via iTunes.
  • A teenager has been arrested following a stabbing in South Norwood yesterday.
  • London-abilia from pineapplebun’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Agreement.

    Last Updated 03 June 2008