Baggy Trousers, Dirty Shirts

Dean Nicholas
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Baggy Trousers, Dirty Shirts
School crossing sign

Despite the slow waterwheel turn of time and the thickening of cataracts, Londonist remembers school well. Oh what fun we had; and did it really turn out bad? All we learned at school was how to bend not break the rules.

Yup, school did by us alright, and we could bore the chalk off a blackboard with tales of how we loved it. We won't, but pupils at an east London primary school have done just that, and their pedagogical pride has won them a prize in a city-wide competition.

Elmhurst School in Newham came out top in the My School Is Great challenge, in which students are encouraged to big-up their school's achievements through poems, stories and drawings. Kids at Elmhurst submitted the most entries, and were awarded a trophy at a ceremony held at London Aquarium (definitely not a usual venue for award ceremonies, but one we highly approve of). One pupil said of her time at the school: "Our lessons are always fun and this helped inspire me when I was making my poem".

The winning students will spend the day at a state-of-the-art printing press to see "how a newspaper is made". With the newspaper likely to be a museum piece by the time these kids are adults, the trip might not have much impact on their future careers, but it sounds fun, and makes us want to go back to the good old days.

Altogether now: "Oh what fun we had...."

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Last Updated 11 June 2008