London Votes!

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London Votes!

The day has finally arrived. After months of campaigning, it's finally your turn to have your say and elect a London Mayor for the next 4 years. And not only that, as was highlighted yesterday, there are some other things you need to make your mind up about too.

Hopefully, you've had a lovely helpful leaflet through your door to steer you through the polling minefield but if not, here are the basics:

1. Find your polling station by texting POLL to 64118 or ring your local council. Polling stations opened at 7 this morning and close at 10pm tonight. You don't need your polling card with you but it will probably speed things up if you remember to take it along.

2. Elect a London Mayor. This ballot paper is pink. You can vote for a first and second choice candidate. It is not compulsory to select a second choice candidate.

3. Now for the London Assembly bit. Elect a Constituency London Assembly Member on the yellow ballot paper. Vote for one candidate.

4. Elect a London-wide Assembly Member on the peach ballot paper. Again, vote for one candidate.

And that's your democratic duty done and dusted.

It's your choice. Just don't forget to go and do it!

All the info is at

Last Updated 01 May 2008