SATC Premiere Gets Fashionista Tongues Wagging

Dean Nicholas
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SATC Premiere Gets Fashionista Tongues Wagging
Sex And The City

The Sex remains the same, but the City was a less familiar one last night as four glamorous ladies and a retinue of A-list stars stepped out on the red carpet, not in New York, but in London's Leicester Square.

Sarah Jessica Parker and pals (or not-quite pals, if on set tension rumours were true) rolled up for the worldwide premiere of the Sex and the City movie last night, sporting rictus grins and an exquisite selection of dresses and frocks. Holding the film's debut away from Manhattan has prompted speculation that the end result is underwhelming, a notion this review in The Times doesn't disabuse. When questioned about the unusual location, Parker's response was damning: "This is where our bosses told us to go".

The Beeb has been crawling all over this important story, spending your license fee on a full-figured filleting of the fashion follies on show and offering thesaurus-enhanced explications of the "asymmetrical, knee-length hemline and bustle detail" and "exquisite, strapless, chartreuse tulle and feather prom dress" sported by Kim Cattrall and SJP respectively.

If there's one thing Londonist knows about, it's fashion, and our inner Trinny was astonished to see that Parker appeared to have balanced a tree atop her head. However, it was in fact a "witty Philip Treacy hat festooned with flowers and butterflies". Ah, that's us put to rights then.

The film is released on May 28th, but in the meantime, you can gorge yourself on this selection of snaps from the premiere.

Image courtesy of kristi83's Flickrstream via the Creative Commons Attribution license

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