Redbridge Rocks

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Redbridge Rocks

Londonist isn’t always very good about our extremities. You know, the north and south and west and east of our great conurbation. Which is a shame ‘cos there’s a lot happening out there.

Take Redbridge. Redbridge is one of those places that this Londonista travels through a lot, but has never had recourse to explore. It is lodged in Londonist’s collective psyche as ‘somewhere on the North Circular’, which is rather unfortunate, and for which we apologise.


It has just as much history and heartas any other borough. In fact Redbridge rocks, and this weekend they’re having themselves a bit of a party.

The Sunkissed Festival 2008 is set to live up to its name if we can trust those caddish weather forecasters. It is held in Valentines Park in Ilford on Saturday and Sunday from 10am ‘til 6pm. There’s loadsa stuff going on (especially for the sporty inclined), and it is pretty much all free. What’s not to like?

Go on: pack yourself up some potted meat sarnies and ginger beer this weekend, and head east. It’s worth it just to remind yourself that London’s quite big really.

North Circular image from Nicobobinus' flickr stream.

Redbridge Rave from the festival's own website.

Last Updated 07 May 2008