One Eye Grey: Something for Bank Holiday Weekend

By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago
One Eye Grey: Something for Bank Holiday Weekend

The fifth edition of our favourite pocket sized publication, One Eye Grey, is here. If you went on the latest Londonist walk you'll be well aware of this as Chris Roberts was your genial guide and probably hawked it merrily in your direction.

And more fool you if you didn't take him up on his ridiculously reasonably priced wares. For a mere two hundred and fifty pennies you could be reading stories from 'another London' where folklore, magic and the occult bleed disturbingly into your world. Fear the Toll Raven of Anerley, find the Black Prince in Islington, visit the Temple of Bacchus at Camberwell (you probably already have) and we'd advise you to stay away from Moorgate's tube tunnels late at night.

The collection of stories is, as always, riveting and chilling by turns and undoubtedly the coolest way to spend £2.50 we can think of. So cool do we consider this marvellous Penny Dreadful we're digging around the back of the sofa to see if we can rustle up the readies to be written into a story in the next one. Yes, the perfect gift for the Londoner who has everything!

One Eye Grey is available from a number of chain bookshops around town and many brilliant independent ones. You can subscribe or buy online here.

To promote One Eye Grey, Chris will be leading a "Troglodyte pigs and syrup of figs" walk starting at Blackfriars Bridge on Friday 23 May from 7pm and Scott Wood will be doing the "Heaven and Hell Walk" from Farringdon Station on Thursday 22 May from 7pm. See here to reserve your FREE place.

Last Updated 20 May 2008