Jookie’s no Rookie at Nookie

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Jookie’s no Rookie at Nookie

Hmm. Londonist can’t help thinking that this gorilla was named for her rhyming potential. Anyway, London zoo’s new simian sexpot has shaken up the gorilla pound, and stirred the testosterone of Bobby, one of its favourite inmates.

Staff at the zoo had previously feared for hunky Bobby’s libido, and his former liaisons had borne no fruit. In fact it has been twenty years since the pitter patter of small furry paws have been heard there. There is now much excited speculation that Jookie (who has only been in London for six weeks) could be pregnant. Because apparently the hirsute lovers are so smitten that they, erm, you know, consummated their relationship no less than seventeen times in four days. Sorry - what was that? Oh, you'd like some of what he's on.

Now Londonist is very happy for the couple, and indeed for the ZSL if Jookie is proven to be in the ape family way. As we reported last autumn things ain't looking that rosy for gorillas. But we are more than a little worried about the detailed information that the zoo is able to provide. Does each animal compound have a bonk-ometer? Is there some sort of copulation inspectorate at the place? These creatures are sufficiently anthropoid for us to feel for them: net curtains and no more peeping please.

Lairy looking gorilla (or maybe that’s what passes for demure in gorilla-ville) from Growl Roar’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 24 May 2008