Giant Lizard Scales O2 Dome!

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Giant Lizard Scales O2 Dome!

On New London Architecture's model of the capital, that is. The Cretaceous intruder is not alone. Spotting what architects would term 'interventions' on this map of present and future London is one of our favourite games.

Across the Thames, we noticed a design flaw in the Olympic stadium. Now, Boris is enthusiastic about trees, but planting woodland on an athletics pitch is a little extreme.


Still, at least it'll add a touch of iron-age charm to proceedings, with the javelin event refocused on hunting small game.

Elsewhere, we descried a number of green Monopoly houses on the map, presumably from New London Architecture's latest 'Des-Res' exhibition on housing for the capital. These small displays are always worth a look if you care about the future of our city. The highlight this time is a scale model of 'Noho Square', the housing development that will replace Middlesex Hospital in Fitzrovia.

New London Architecture can be found at 26 Store Street just off Tottenham Court Road. The Des Res exhibition runs until 14 June, while the corrupted model of London is a permanent fixture.

Last Updated 29 May 2008