Extra, Extra: multi-species edition

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Extra, Extra: multi-species edition
  • London is trying to export its problems: mitten crabs may be a pest here but they’re a delicacy in China.
  • Some London office computer keyboards apparently harbour more bacteria than the average loo seat.
  • Shell aren’t fluffy bunnies: they have pulled out of a project to build a huge wind farm in the Thames Estuary. Londonist has a secret thing about wind farms and is very sad about this.
  • Def Leppard have a new album out, and you can go see them at HMV on 7th May.
  • Everybody…awww! A so-cute-it-should-have-a-licence white-naped mangabey monkey has been born at London Zoo.

    Animals from Mark Bridges’ flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 01 May 2008