Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Chinatown is to be bull-dozed. No, not that one. The real one – up near Finchley.
  • Rather complicated good news for south of London train users…
  • …and rather complicated bad news for north and east of London train users this autumn.
  • Careless landlords cost lives: a Londoner is fined £20,000 following the death of a little girl in 2005.
  • London bus drivers have a new weapon against abuse, the ‘spit kit’, which enables them to save valuable DNA evidence against spitters. Oh yuck.
  • The Take That musical, Never Forget, takes off.
  • Lazy sunny Hampstead Heath from Meso2’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Agreement.

    Have a lazy sunny weekend.

    Last Updated 23 May 2008