Bob Crowe Poops Last Orders On The Underground Party

By Lindsey Last edited 178 months ago
Bob Crowe Poops Last Orders On The Underground Party

Whether seasoned alcoholic, pre-big-night-out-prepper or civilised imbiber of post work ale tomorrow's your last chance to legally sup an alcoholic beverage on the tube, DLR or buses.

The minute our new Mayor announced this, Facebook groups started springing up with the inevitably super idea of Underground parties to mark the momentous passing of public transport subterranean boozing. They soon morphed into one big Circle line shebang comprising a gentrified cocktail party (elegant dress preferred) and a more bog standard party (for those who can't be arsed to dress up). Both sensibly urge all involved to drink responsibly and be nice to people along the way and not provide justification for this controversial prohibition. Fun, we think and fair enough.

Then along comes RMT's infamously miserable Bob Crowe to poop on the parties calling them "irresponsible" and presuming that Transport for London staff will be bearing the brunt of bad behaviour if it all goes tits up and gets lary.

Interestingly, though, he's of course angling to blame Boris for any trouble, because the Mayor's flagship policy was "poorly thought through, is being implemented in haste and could put our members in greater danger."

TFL is apparently on "heightened alert" about tomorrow night's festivities but at time of writing, has not made any special staff or security arrangements. For once, are we to be treated like adults and in turn have the opportunity to respect that freedom and have a thoroughly enjoyable time? Here's hoping.

It's the last round on the Underground. See you there.

Last Updated 30 May 2008