Boris Round The Blogosphere

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Boris Round The Blogosphere
Orhan* snaps Boris at the Sikh New Year festival of Vaisakhi in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, nicking a policeman's hat

As our new Mayor cycles to work, meets the team and starts taking action on annoying alcohol related transport policies, we took a poke about the London blogosphere to see how the dust is settling.

London transport guru, Annie Mole, was decidedly cross on election evening, seeing Boris was onto a winner given, "Whatever you think of Boris's ability to run this city and there's little evidence of him being any good at that.... Time after time after time the man has come up with racist gaffes, homophobic gaffes, Liverpudllianist gaffes and countless others. Yet he says sorry and ahhhh loads of people forgive him until it's time for him to make the next one."

Westmonster kindly provides the numbers for the Samaritans for any distressed Labourites and recommends Boris gets a haircut, or at least start using a comb on a regular basis.

Diamond Geezer, meanwhile, whose local MP is Galloway, has instituted Bojowatch to accompany Gallowatch, counting up their respective gaffes and counting down the days till the next opportunity to vote them out. He's also come up with a genius edition of The Londoner - shortly to be scrapped by Boris.

The left get a slapping for handwringing over at the Devil's Kitchen where a guest writer reminds us what democracy is all about and suggests the assumption that, "if the people don't vote the right way, there's something wrong with the voters, not the politicians or their loyal supporters" is bullshit, in no uncertain terms.

While Brian the Pigeon expresses his disappointment that there's no mention of the pigeon in the Johnson Mayoral agenda: "He talked it up big time about ‘uniting communities’ without even the smallest nod to one of London’s largest - the fucking pigeon community."

Oh, and to wrap this up, a dispiriting view but amusing view from across the pond.

What have we missed? We want to read more. Please hook us up with London blogs that are slipping under our radar. Leave URLs in the comments.

Last Updated 07 May 2008