About the Mayor…

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About the Mayor…

It’s very easy to forget about the mayor. No, not that mayor: hey, not a day goes by without us mentioning the Mayor of London or his latest dictum. We mean the other mayor: the one in the pantomimes, the Lord Mayor.

If you’re anything like us, you get him out of your mental closets once a year for the Lord Mayor’s Show and its surrounding pageantry, and then you kind of file him again for a rainy day.

The thing is, he’s actually a busy, working dude, and campaigns tirelessly for nice busy things in the City: improved business links abroad and that sort of stuff. And raising rather a lot of dosh for charity. It’s not all about pretty frocks, banquets and hand waving..

Tomorrow for example he’s off to Nigeria for a fairly hectic business drive, in the effort to attract inward investment and forge better trading relations. This particular mayor, David Lewis, has been fairly vociferous in his defence of the financial bastions of the city. (Unfortunately the City of London’s website is not as diligent as its chief officer and petulantly refused to cough up anything for Londonist’s research.)

Anyway, Bojo the MayLo may be more rock and roll, but Dave the LoMayLo rocks in his own way.

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Last Updated 26 May 2008